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Personal Injury Investigation

Personal Injury 
Investigative services & consulting

Personal injury investigations can be necessary on both sides. If you have been injured due to someone’s negligence or offensive behavior, you need to have the facts gathered in order to pursue the appropriate action. Our team of investigators can do surveillance and question those involved to decipher the information & obtain the truth. Auto accidents and personal injuries often have a confusion of interpretations that can hide the true nature of the mishap. Core Values can review the sequence of events and determine what really happened.

Core Values also works on the other side where false claims are made, particularly when it involves fraudulent Workers’ Compensation claims. Today, companies stand to lose a great deal of money due to counterfeit compensation claims. Fortunately, Core Values can help expose these fraudulent claims and protect your time, resources, and bottom line.

Potential offenders will be observed for daily physical activities and we’ll provide a detailed final report, as well as video and photographic footage, when possible. This bank of evidence is easy to take into the courtroom and enhances your chances of winning the case.


Covert Surveillance

Electronic Tracking and Monitoring

Electronic Tracking & Monitoring

Computer Analysis

Computer Analysis

Working To Help You
Uncover The Truth & Move Forward

While being actively involved in a criminal investigation, measures like covert surveillance, electronic tracking and monitoring, and computer analysis are sometimes necessary to uncover the truth and move forward. Core Values is a licensed, bonded and insured agency providing a full range of private investigative services including criminal investigation cases. We pride ourselves in setting high standards while following a strict code of ethics. We supply thorough, prompt and professional investigative services tailored to suit each client’s specific needs.

Our investigators are trained in the rules and regulations concerning privacy and permissible activity. It is our goal to maintain communication with our clients, providing support and guidance as the case progresses, and ensure that we produce results for our clients. Upon completion of our criminal investigation, our clients are provided with a detailed report which can include photographs and videotape footage of our findings. Our reports are clear and concise, professionally written and will be provided within the client’s specified time frame.

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I found Andy on Thumbtack offering me reasonable price to serve my federal subpoena in Raleigh area. I asked him for specific way for serving and letting me know real time the moment it was served.

He delivered like a Swiss watch, and minutes later I got proof of service. For Raleigh area serving, for sure I'll count on his dedicated service. Thanks Andy!

Ali V.

Andy Davis at Core Values Consulting and Investigations provided the fastest, most thorough investigation services I have seen in my 14 years as a practicing attorney. I cannot recommend this company enough. Outstanding work!

James H.

Life changing! Hiring Joe and Andy was priceless. I was so touched by their genuine caring, compassion & kindness. Their ability & experience speaks for itself. They successfully helped me in recovering a family heirloom.

They should be the first and last call you make for all your investigative services!!!

Leah S.