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Core Values Consulting and Investigations offers clients a unique combination of experience and expertise in consulting and investigations. Founder Andy Davis spent 26 years in law enforcement and has specialized training from the FBI National Academy. These things make him uniquely qualified to handle tough investigations and cases.

Before founding Core Values Consulting and Investigations, Andy Davis served as Police Major with the Raleigh Police Department in the nation’s 42nd largest city.

The skills, training, and experience acquired throughout this esteemed career in law enforcement enable Andy Davis to hone in on facts and offer valuable insight about options and next steps for his clients.

Whether you need assistance with domestic, crime, or injury investigations, Core Values Consulting is here to help.

We specialize in Domestic Cases, Infidelity and Surveillance.

What We Do

Here at Core Values Consulting and Investigations, we provide expert investigative services for various allegations, including criminal investigations, domestic cases, workers comp claims, and theft. Regardless of what you’re facing, Andy Davis is here to protect your profits, integrity, and reputation.

Core Values Consulting and Investigations has the experience and resources to conduct complex fact-finding investigations that reduce your risks and liabilities. Our investigations are thorough and complete, and designed to streamline cases and equip you with the resources you need to move forward.

Our team’s process limits the stress of an investigation and gives you the facts you need to make informed decisions promptly. Using a case-appropriate combination of techniques and technologies, Core Values Consulting and Investigations offers comprehensive investigative services to address allegations of misconduct or malfeasance in the workplace, possible workers’ compensation fraud, and potential abuses of legally mandated benefits such as those under the Family Medical Leave Act.

Core Values Consulting and Investigations recognizes that the case is not complete just because the findings are reported. With extensive experience in courtroom preparation and testimony, we know the importance of cultivating close, confidential working relationships with management, legal staff, human resource representatives, and employees, and are here, every step of the way, to help you access those things.

We specialize in Domestic Cases, Infidelity and Surveillance.

Andy Davis: Private Investigator

Andy Davis comes to the field of professional consulting and private investigation from his position as an executive level law enforcement professional. Andy has extensive experience collaborating with legal professionals to conduct internal and criminal investigations and address complex citizen complaints.

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Our Services

  • Domestic Investigations

    Forensic and digital investigations and covert surveillance to help resolve domestic conflict. — Read More —

  • Criminal Investigations

    Gathering evidence to ensure your investigation is done properly and provides the best outcome. — Read More —

  • Injury Claims/Workers Comp Investigations

    Investigating false Workers' Compensation claims to help prevent financial loss of businesses. — Read More —

  • Human Resources Investigations

    Ensuring your company has the resources to protect against false on-the-job injury allegations.
    — Read More —

  • Investigative Services

    Helping to guard your assets and provide consultation in case of crimes committed against you.
    — Read More —

  • Workplace Investigations

    Theft, larceny, fraud, and embezzlement investigation, including digital forensic investigation. — Read More —

  • Security Assessments

    Policy review, infrastructure assessment, training, and oversight of private security company practices. — Read More —

  • Services to Law Enforcement

    Assisting law enforcement in development and maintenance of policies, events, and management.
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