Human Resources Investigations

Human Resources departments and services are essential for the seamless operations of any business. Core Values Consulting and Investigations works to cultivate a close confidential working relationship with your Human Resources representatives to address the issues at hand, whether they be employee complaints, workplace accidents, sexual harassment, or workplace theft. 

Arising-Out-of-Employment and Course-of-Employment Investigations

Employers understand how important it is to determine the facts surrounding an alleged injury to a worker. A proper investigation can determine if an employee’s alleged injury was work-related and happened in the course and scope of employment, or if it was non-industrial or affected by third parties.

Fully documenting a reported injury, obtaining accurate and comprehensive witness statements, gathering all available evidence, obtaining relevant background and records information concerning the involved employee, and determining if third parties have or share responsibility are all critically important. Core Values Consulting and Investigations will work to make sure all the appropriate steps are taken to best handle these situations and provide guidance to our clients in leading them to the best possible outcomes.

When necessary, investigative techniques such as covert surveillance with HD video cameras and forensic monitoring of social media are available and can be employed.

Our Services

  • Domestic Investigations

    Forensic and digital investigations and covert surveillance to help resolve domestic conflict. — Read More —

  • Criminal Investigations

    Gathering evidence to ensure your investigation is done properly and provides the best outcome. — Read More —

  • Injury Claims/Workers Comp Investigations

    Investigating false Workers' Compensation claims to help prevent financial loss of businesses. — Read More —

  • Human Resources Investigations

    Ensuring your company has the resources to protect against false on-the-job injury allegations.
    — Read More —

  • Investigative Services

    Helping to guard your assets and provide consultation in case of crimes committed against you.
    — Read More —

  • Workplace Investigations

    Theft, larceny, fraud, and embezzlement investigation, including digital forensic investigation. — Read More —

  • Security Assessments

    Policy review, infrastructure assessment, training, and oversight of private security company practices. — Read More —

  • Services to Law Enforcement

    Assisting law enforcement in development and maintenance of policies, events, and management.
    — Read More —

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